Packaging Design
Social Media
Joining and embracing the rich history
of the high end drink
We wanted to welcome the next generation to the Chivas Regal brand and the history and prestige which comes with the brand, giving the customer an experience which reflects the prestige of the brand.
Having the front of the box open, like door, reveals a collage of past and present advertising, as if the consumer is being allowed into this luxury brand and is part of an exclusive club. Warm tones used to give a warm welcome feeling. An alternative limited-edition version of the packaging creating a collector’s item in which the newer generation would want to showcase through social media.

The logo has been redesigned, but still based on current branding used by the brand, including a type face which has a contrast of heavy and light elements which reflects the contrast of the old meeting the new, while also giving the brand a more modern feel which appeals more to 18-25 year olds.

This was done for the D&AD New blood competition 2022. The D&AD New Blood competition is a competition ran every year where D&AD works with brands to create a series of briefs aimed at student and new graduates.

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