3D Design

Ic3 Typography
Creating abstract, Experimental Typography
from the world around me
During University, a part of the typography unit was to create something typographical from photos, videos and other means of cataloguing the surroundings while on a walk.
Before going on the walk, my area recently had a snowfall, so on the walk, I noticed a lot of letter forms could be made from layers of snow which had randomly formed. From taking photos of different shapes made by the snow, I printed and started tracing the different letter forms found as well as going over them further refining them to create a type face out of the ice and snow.

Having extra time, I wanted to push the idea further. I had recently been experimenting and learning Cinema 4D and Blender, so wanting bring it back to the ice and cold feeling, I imported different letterforms and creating 3D renders and animations adding a ice texture. The words "Terra Gelu" was used in the final renders meaning Cold Earth in Latin.

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