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In psychology, Kaizen can be applied to personal development, where it is used to make small, incremental changes in behaviour, attitude or thinking that lead to significant improvements over time.
Kaizen psychology are a phycologist located in Liverpool. They wanted to create a visual identity and website, while avoiding using the clich├ęs commonly associated with the industry. The logo takes their concept of describing relationships as a triangle, with the logo being comprised of multiple different elements which combine together to create the triangular shape. The colours chosen for the brand are four different shades of purple, which when used in the logo, creates a gradient representing the different aspects which might be affecting a relationship.

For the website, the main goal was to establish a online presence for the phycologist, and increasing their client base. They wanted it to be clear on what the business is and the services they provide as well as allowing clients to reach out and get in touch with any enquiries.

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